Qt in Drones

  • Hello everyone:

    I'm Jalil Modares, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UB.
    We are working on an US Air Force funded project named UB-ANC, which is about Airborne Networks and Communications (ANC), and tries to boost the airborne network performance. It includes three custom built drones which are programmed to do autonomous, multi-agent tasks, like mapping and exploring. Each drone is equipped with an E310 USRP, and uses GNU Radio platform for communication, networking and signal processing. The E310 runs the agent software, which takes advantage of Qt Signal/Slot architecture. There is a technical report that describes the project in more detail, which can be found here:

    The UB-ANC Emulator (which simulates the behavior of agents in the environment before any actual test), and UB-ANC Agent are open source and they also can be found here:

    I hope it can help open source projects in Qt, GNU Radio and Drone communities.


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