QWebEngineView runJavaScript() problem

  • Hello all.

    I faced with some strange behavior in QWebEngineView.
    I have a loaded page in QWebEngineView object witch has 'group0' element.
    I run next script:

    QString script = "document.getElementsByName('group0');";
    page()->runJavaScript(script, [](const QVariant &v) {qDebug() << v;});

    It prints

    QVariant(QVariantMap, QMap())

    But now I need value of first element of 'group0' (or array with several values). I tried to run script:

    QString script = "var elems=document.getElementsByName('group0');" 
    page()->runJavaScript(script, [](const QVariant &v) {qDebug() << v;});

    But I got


    Documentation says

    Runs the JavaScript code contained in scriptSource.
    When the script has been executed, resultCallback is called with the result of the last executed statement.
    Note: resultCallback can be any of a function pointer, a functor or a lambda, and it is expected to take a QVariant parameter.

    Could you say me how can I return result of the last executed statement from script to callback.

    Thank you.

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