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How to test workstation OpenGL version with QSurfaceFormat?

  • Our app runs across a variety of different workstations, some without proper graphics drivers installed, so I need to check the workstation opengl version before drawing anything.

    In Qt 5.2, I had been using the following:


    However, QGLFormat has been deprecated moving forward.

    I'm probably missing something obvious, but in Qt 5.6 there doesn't appear to be an equivalent one-line check using QOpenGLWidget/QSurfaceFormat...

    What's the recommended method to test how high an opengl level the workstation supports using QOpenGLWidget/QSurfaceFormat?

    Thanks :)

  • QSurfaceFormat fmt(this->format());
    cout << fmt.majorVersion() << "." << fmt.minorVersion() << endl;

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