QWebEngineView crashes on view->page() or view->load(url)

  • I'm trying to get a simple project going with QtWebEngine using Qt 5.6.0 beta. Problem is, it crashes on me before I can do much of anything.

    _view = new QWebEngineView(parentWidget);
    QWebEnginePage *pageTest = _view->page(); // CRASH
    _view->load( url ); // CRASH

    Either of the two lines above cause a crash. If you want more details on where the crash is happening, see my full post here:


    Am I missing something? I used to create a QWebView in a similar way, and it worked just fine. I've followed the porting guide and the docs here show 3 lines of setup code similar to my own.



  • I found that I was missing several files that, if not present, will cause the app to crash when QWebEngine is used:


    If I use the windeployqt.exe tool, it properly places these files with my exe.

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