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Display qml components from a module in the library of Qt Quick Designer

  • Hi !

    I have developed custom qml components such as MyButton.qml and MyComboBox.qml. I created a module in order to use those files in several projects. My goal is to see them in the Qt Quick Designer library such as (Qt Quick - Basic or Qt Quick - Controls).

    So I have created a directory named MyComponents in /home/okyn/Qt5.6.0/5.6/gcc_64/qml with the following files inside :

    • MyButton.qml

    • MyComboBox.qml

    • qmldir

    In the qmldir file there is

    module MyComponents
    MyButton 1.0 MyButton.qml
    MyComboBox 1.0 MyComboBox.qml

    In a new project, when I use import MyComponents 1.0 and when I use MyButton and MyComboBox it works. The canvas of qt quick designer displays well my components.

    But to do that, i have to use the edit mode. So my problem and my question is :
    How can I have my custom components in the library of components in qt quick designer so that I can drag and drop them. (I know how to do it with qml files of a project but here it's not what I want to do, I want those components to be used in all projects by just calling import MyComponents 1.0)

    Thank you !