Blur image (dynamic source)

  • Hi,
    I want display an image on Item and blur it.
    I have tried this :

    Item {
        property bool isReduc: true
        property variant value
        width: 400
        height: 500
        Image {
               id: image_bug
               anchors.fill: parent
               source: value ? value.image : "qrc:/image/Ressources/defaultImage.png";
               id: blur
               anchors.fill: image_bug
               source: image_bug
               radius: 100

    I have a "black image".

    • If I don't force image size (comment "anchors.fill:parent), it works but my image isn't the right size
    • If I set "static" source (source: "qrc:/image/Ressources/defaultImage.png";), it works
      But I can't have an image 400x500 blurred

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