Set Environment Variable for QApplication

  • Is there a possibility to set a QT Environment Variable not only for launching in Qt Creator ?

    I have to set QT_HARFBUZZ=old permanently.

    Also for Launching the App in Release Mode.

    Can this be done in qt.conf file ?

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    yes in a platform dependent way in your operating system.
    Also check qputenv()

    But keep in mind that it might be too late to set the variable when the reading code has been already executed (e.g. when initialized statically). But simply give it a try and see if it works for your case i would say. ;)

  • so i have to set the variable over the terminal ?

    is there no way to set it automatically when a user starts the application ?

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    it seems i updated my post from before whilst you were writing yours

  • didn't work with qputenv().

    I've already tried this.

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    do you call it at the very beginning of your main-function?
    Even before you create your QApplication instance?

  • yes but it has no effect for my problem.

    Im using Qt 5.3.2 and on OS X text align justifiy for QGraphicsTextItem did not work when QT_HARFBUZZ=old is not set.

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    Nevermind i see. Exactly what i was talking before about the one caveat.

    qfontengine.cpp initializes a global variable depending on the value of the QT_HARFBUZZ environment variable.
    So it gets initialized as soon as the module is loaded. Which is before your main is called. Unfortunately the initialization order is undefined for global/static variables (across different translation units in the compiler).
    So you wont have a guarantee that your qputenv() is called before it is read by Qt (in case you are also setting it as static/global variable).

    An idea which would work is to write a simple wrapper application, which spawns your gui application using QProcess with the environment variable set.
    Your decision if you wanna go this way.

  • Yes that worked ! Thank you very much.

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