Gridview with empty cells or GridLayout with animation

  • Hi all,

    I wan't to display some data in a GridView but I want to control the row and column of an item via the model that is inherited from a QAbstractItemModel. But as far as I can see in the documentation i cannot influence the row/column of an item but I need some "empty" cells.
    The thing that seems to match best is a GridLayout with it attached properties Layout.Row and Layout.Column. But the GridLayout is missing the transitions when an item is moved/added/removed. So is there anything in QT that enables me to position the items in a grid manually and provide support for animations when an item is moved?

    Thanks a lot

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    GridLayout is the only option. If you want the animation, you can add your animation by looking at some signals of GridLayout.

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    i think QML Bahviors (on the pos property on each item in the layout) should do what you want?

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