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qt 5.5 qsqldriver not loaded

  • Hi guys, I was previesly used ubuntu 14.04 as my os and I have worked on project which use mysql as database. application works fine. but resenlty i installed ubuntu 15.10 and qt 5.5. Then when i tried to compile my project i got following error.

    QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL driver not loaded
    QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QSQLITE QMYSQL QMYSQL3 QPSQL QPSQL7
    QSqlDatabase: an instance of QCoreApplication is required for loading driver plugins
    QWidget: Must construct a QApplication before a QWidget
    The program has unexpectedly finished.

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    Please search the forum about that matter. It's been answer many times already. From your description, you have a newer version the MySQL libraries than the one that have been used to build the plugin. Likely version 18 instead of 16. The fast way is to download Qt's sources and build the plugin yourself like described in the documentation.