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Visual Studio 2015 + Qt 5.6.0 alpha

  • Hello from reasons that are out of my range, I have to use MSCV at windows 10 and Qt with it.
    I decided to build 5.6.0 alpha. And I did.
    I configured it from command prompt and build from it with nmake (yes, I hadn't know how slow it is compared to jom).
    I set everything in my Visual Studio and...
    YEAH I can create Qt project, compile them and run!
    Oh wait!
    I can't run Qt Designer! ("No default Qt version found. Please check your Qt Visual Studio Add-in setting")

    How do I make my Designer work?
    I googled with this message "No default(...)" but everybody was recommending to install older Visual Studio version, what is absolutely unacceptable in my cause.

    Is there anybody who know how can I fix it?

  • I'm having same problem!

    at this time i've added qtbase in the qt options, which i thought was what i had to do... obviously not.
    i hope there's some competent people out there who can give us an answer :)


  • Moderators

    You guys are using an unofficial add-in port with an alpha version of Qt. Problems are to be expected.
    I'm using Qt 5.5.1 and it's running ok, so if older VS is not an option then maybe an older Qt is.

    If not then I'd contact the add-in author, but don't expect miracles. Qt 5.6 is still an alpha.

  • So if i run VS2015 with qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.0-rc i should be happy? :)


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    So if i run VS2015 with qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.0-rc i should be happy?

    No, definitely don't do that.
    "-src-5.5.0-rc" means source code of release candidate of Qt 5.5.0.
    First of all we're at 5.5.1 version now so there's no point in using a release candidate version of 5.5.0.
    Second - it's a source package. It means you need to build it for your compiler first.

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