Qt 5.5 QWebView Mac LGPL Deployment -- Any Word of Caution?

  • I plan to use Qt 5.5 (LGPL version) with the QWebView widget and deploy on a Mac. Do you have any word of caution for this? As in, I'd like to know if the following things are true:

    • macdeployqt won't deploy qwebview unless you get the commercial version of Qt
    • There's no LGPL on the QWebView component -- you have to get a commercial license for deployment.

    ...or anything else you might caution about using this.

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    Where did you got these informations ?

    The only limit I'm aware of is if you want to distribute your application through the App Store, you can't use QtWebKit because Apple doesn't authorize the use of custom built WebKit

  • @SGaist said:

    Where did you got these informations ?

    Nowhere. I just wanted to make certain that this was not true. Your extra information about the Apple Store is very useful -- thanks.