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Qt Cost?

  • Maybe I am stupid but I have been digging around the qt.io site and Googling for 45 minutes now and I can't find a simple list of the prices of the various licenses. I've dug through and clicked "Buy" buttons only to see varying prices ($15. and $350). Per month? Per year? It doesn't say.

    But maybe I am just stupid and missed it (and it is not some weird price obfuscation thing).

    Can someone tell me please what the cost is for 1 developer seat for OSX/Windows desktop development, with commercial distribution of an app (but no changes to Qt source)?

  • You can freely use Qt LGPL (if no support or commercial tools needed).

  • It's 350$ a month per dev to make commercial applications. I'm just going off their website.

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    To remain closed source you must dynamic link to the qt dlls.

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