How can i get gridview element's x,y coordinate in the gridview rect

  • I am making network topology view .. using gridview

    and I place some image inside grid and next i want draw line between grid element

    I managed to get image object ..

        Component.onCompleted: { console.log("GridView onCompleted ");
            for(var i=0; i<tpGridView.count; i++){
                var cobject = tpGridView.children[tpGridView.currentIndex];
                    console.log(i+":"+String(cobject.children[0].children[0].width)); }

    but I can't get image's x,y value inside grid.. It tell only 0 ..

    I will use canvase to draw line between grid element

    How can i get grid element's x,y value??

    if more code or info need.. tell me

    Thanks for reading..

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