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How to make a plot in Qt Quick project?

  • Hi. I'm new in C++ and QT is my first IDE tool. After primary exercise to build simple calculator from internet tutorial I'd want to try to put my GUI application from Matlab to Qt project. This is some simple measurement tool with buttons and plots, changing in time like in scope.
    So my questions are:

    • Is it right way to use Frame container for each plot?
    • Are there another, better ways to organize plot in Qt design field?
    • Are there some tutorials about it or examples?

    And some other issue: In my application I have to click and browse to select an external file with data to display (standard browsing sub-window?). Is there some Qwidget directly adopted for it?
    I will be very glad to get any recommendations.

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    Hi @Reuven, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Do you have a preference between Qt Quick and Qt Widgets?

    • For plotting in Qt Quick, see the Stocqt example.
    • For plotting in Qt Widgets, see the Qwt framework (note: This is a 3rd-party library that you must download separately)
    • For browsing files in Qt Quick, see FileDialog (and an example)
    • For browsing files in Qt Widgets, see QFileDialog

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