Problem with establishing a connection between Qt Https Server and browser.

  • Hi ! I spent few days trying to write HTTPS server because I need to decrypt data which are encrypted by the browser but I still have no results. This is what I did:

    • I created private key (2048 bytes) and self-signed certificate with openssl and put it into program.

    • In browser's settings I set SSL proxy using my IP and port (I tried IE, Firefox and Chrome)

    When I'm trying to call some website, my program recognize a new connection but the function waitForEncrypted() returns me false and the browser refuse the connection. Does anybody have any idea what requirements I have to meet to establish a connection between browser and server in right way?

    Signal sslErrors doesn't give me any information. It's not even called.

    I'm using Windows 7 and openssl libraries: ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll

    Here's my code:

    QSslConfiguration sslConfiguration;
    QFile certFile(":/server.crt");
    QFile keyFile(":/server.key");;;
    QSslCertificate certificate(&certFile, QSsl::Pem);
    QSslKey sslKey(&keyFile, QSsl::Rsa, QSsl::Pem);
    if (sslSocket->waitForEncrypted()) // false

  • @Dooms said:


    You don't seem to have actually associated the sslConfiguration object with the QSslSocket object.

    You can set the cert/key files directly on the QSslSocket if that helps simplify your code for testing...