How to create a custom 3d mesh? (Point after point)

  • Hello community,

    I would like to use qt3d for a display of simple 3D measurement data. The data are stored in [x,y,z] arrays, so the 3D mesh seems to be the best choice to store it. I found an example with a torus mesh which is added to an entity with translation, material etc. What I need is a "custom" mesh which can be created point after point from 3D measurement data. Does anybody have an idea how to do it?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Martin,

    I was looking around for a similar thing - unfortunately didn't get far yet. What I found was a Tetrahedron Mesh:

    While I didnt try it (yet), it seems to define the vertex buffers etc and push them to the qt3d engine.

    That said, i dont know of dots and lines in Qt3d (does anyone? maybe with some smart shaders..), --> up to now you have triangles.

    the most straightforward way for visualization is maybe to use spheres with a small radius and move them to the position of your 3d data. (checkout the examples "basic shapes cpp", to see how the translation transform is done.

    happy coding :)


    ps. if it's really only visualisation of 3d points, maybe you're quicker using matlab or octave (maybe even gnuplot).

  • Hello Carl,

    thanks for an idea. I implemented a simple point cloud viewer with opengl basic functionality. The problem is that it has to work in the plugin and it crashes when I'm destroying the instance without being shown before. Here is the topic

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