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when I create a QT project in visual studio 2012, it report the error with "object reference not set to an instance of an object"

  • the visual studio is vs2012 X64
    the qt version is qt5.5.0
    the qt vs addin is 1.1.11
    and i have already set the path with the qt creator directory.
    Could anyone to help me to check this problem.

  • Hi there,

    Is this problem occurring while create a fresh Qt application or while executing your modified application? If you have modified the code, please share the code to analyse the issue. It looks to me like some object creation/initialization issue. Check if you have allocated memory for all objects and their members properly.

    Anant Agrawal

  • @AnantAgrawal said:


    The problem is occurred when i create a fresh Qt application.

  • Hi kkkkkkkkks,
    check the path, whether it is set to right path of Qt(check version number also) or not, to the MVS add-in. If not , set it MVSC Menu-> QT->Qt options->check the Qt version number. Be sure, whether its is saved or not.

    And finally, Right click on the project(solution Explorer )-> Qt project settings ->select the version that you have entered in the Add-in.

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