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using qt GUI and/or app as web application server

  • Hi guys, I'm developing software with GUI for single board computers (raspberry pi, beaglebone) using Qt. Most of the time the application is quite simple and allows user to control the hardware with touch screen and GUI. Recently I've had some remote applications (hardware is far away from the operator) with server and client applications, communicating themselves using TCP. But nowadays this approach just screams to be replaced with the web app.
    And here's my question: is there an easy way to use GUI and/or application designed in Qt as the web server?
    Basically the desired application should be quite similar in the functionality and look to applications used for configuring home WiFi routers.
    I don't want to do http/php/java text based combo because, in my opinion, it's too time taking when you've got lot of signals and variables.
    I've tried various solutions like WebToolkit, WebBot, Reahl, VNC via browser, etc but non of them is mature enough...

  • This topic came up a couple of weeks ago in this thread: (and see also the older ); no ideal solutions to automagically-webify-my-existing-Qt-app though unfortunately (although QmlWeb looked like it had a lot of potential).

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