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[solved] QWebView -- HTML5 + jQuery Charts Possible?

    1. If I use the QWebView widget on a Mac form, does it support the ability to do fancy charts like one can now do with HTML5 and jQuery?

    2. What web engine does it use? Chrome?

    BACKGROUND: I'm fairly new to Qt as well as C++ in general. I'm 48 years old and have dabbled in a lot of different languages. I've been able to make my first GUI application on the Mac with Qt/C++, read/write settings, encrypt stuff, and read/write a SQLite database. But that's it.

  • Hey there,

    1. You can do anything you do on a normal webpage with QWebEngine. it supports javascript, css, external libraries (bootstrap, jquery, ..), so you are not limited by Qt.

    2. The new QWebEngine use Chromium, an open-source browser
      The older QWebView (QWebKit) use WebKit and will be deprecated soon.

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