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Qt Webkit static

  • I've been looking around and I'm wondering if there is a way to use Qt WebKit if I compiled Qt statically? I think I saw something for an older version, I'm new to Qt and I really don't understand how plugins works, as I'm developing desktop applications for Windows Qt static is perfect for me, but I understand that I lose some things right? can you point me in the rigth direction? Thanks!

  • Why do you think static libs are perfect for developing windows desktop apps? It is perfectly reasonable to use shared libraries here too. The only tricky part (and then only the first time that you do it) is creating an installer that installs the necessary dll's along with your app. I use NSIS for this as it is really quite simple to do.

    I am not sure if building QtWebkit statically is supported for Qt 4.7.3. It's not something I have tried.

  • First: If you do static linking, you get serious licensing issues (search the forums). The baseline is (I'm not a lawyer though!): You will most probably have to release the source code of your application under the GPL.

    Second: WebKit is only supported as a dynamically built library. Static linkage is not supported (quote from "Platform and Compiler Notes":

  • Thanks for your answers, I do understand about license and all.. I know I would have to release the source code of my aplications, that's not a problem for me, just wanted to know if I could use the Webkit, I see I can't, I'll start developing with dynamic linking and see what happens, I'm really new to Qt and I am using SQL plugin (statically) I couldn't compile mysql support in Windows so I changed to ODBC..

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