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how to include cmake project into my qmake project

  • How to include cmake project into my qmake project as a subproject?

  • It might be best to use CMake for your project instead of qmake. I use CMake for my Qt projects that make use of large CMake-based projects (ITK and VTK) but don't have them as subprojects. Here's how to use CMake with Qt and it's also supported by QtCreator.

  • @mchinand thank you for the answer but you have mentioned well known things. In my case there's a big qmake project (QtCreator project) and I'm making plugin for it that should depend on the opensource library that has cmake project.

    For me developing QtCreator plugin using qmake is mush more suitable than with cmake. With cmake you'll have to manage all the QtCreator dependencies youself instead of simply including pri-files.

    There's QBS for building QtCreator related things. So my question can be transformed like this. Is there a way to include cmake project into QBS-project?

  • @Dmitriy-Shmykov did you find out a way to do it?

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