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Static and Dynamic linking (LGPL and Commercial)

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm new and I've been reading about Qt versions (LGPL and Commercial) and I know there is a lot of post to read (but the most end up in discussions :P)

    My conclusion is that:

    With LGPL you can create software even with private source code, but need dynamic linking.

    With Commercial license you get support and static linking.

    But, what does "dynamic linking" means? My final product has "external" dependences that I can't package within?

    What are the consecuences of that? I've readed about many "app stores" that don't allow dynamic linking. So, for example, I'll get a "apk" file for Android, but I always will need external libraries to get it work?

    Someone knows what are the real "side effects" of dynamic linking in a production software?

    Even I readed a person whom worked in a company that uses LGPL witout problems. Is it that possible?

    Thank you for your answers and sorry for my english.

  • @scrolling said:

    But, what does "dynamic linking" means?

    It applies only to Qt linking. This means that you can use LGPL version for closed source software only if you link dynamically QT libraries