[Solved] Creator Form Templates oddness

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    Trying to add my own "Form Template" to the New Dialog.

    Those listed in that dialog are located in

    So I try to add my own and it was never listed.

    Then i DELETED the whole "designer" folder and it can STILL
    show the same templates which should be impossible.?!
    The files are not anywhere else to be found.

    So are they compiled in or what is going on?

    Thank you

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    I haven't used custom templates before, but try looking for clues in your %APPDATA% folders (e.g. C:\Users\mrjj\AppData\Roaming\QtProject)

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    Can you give a hint to the clues? ;)
    I grep´ed that folder to oblivion for any names from the Form Templates and
    seems to be nothing.
    I also tried a tool to display which files a process opens.
    Qt Creator does not seem to open any files from
    So something fishy is going on :)

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    Sorry @mrjj, I don't know the answer to this problem; I just suggested looking in that folder because I know Qt Creator stores settings there.

    If you don't get any help here, try asking a Qt engineer at the Interest mailing list. You'll need to subscribe first.

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    Damn :) I had hoped as even not the Google knows about those files.
    Seems not to be those templates there.

    I have asked on qt-creator@qt-project.org

    I really need to use custom templates so I hope its not one of those issues that never got fixed.

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    Good luck! Please update this thread if you find a solution, in case others are facing it too

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    Thank you. I will update as soon as I find the truth.
    Grep´ing whole Qt source did not show any ref to the Templates.xml file so I wonder.

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    Got answer from mailing list

    I have been reworking quite a few of our wizards since Qt Creator 3.4, so I guess I killed the wizard that actually used those templates but forgot to remove the templates themselves. I'll fix that.
    Tobias Hunger, Senior Software Engineer | The Qt Company

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