Using Multitouch features on Linux

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to use Qt's multi-touch features on Ubuntu 11.04 with an Acer T231H multi-touch touch-screen.
    Qt multi-touch examples are working but they sometimes end unexpectedly making gnome-session restart.
    I also tried a test application I wrote, which works well on my Mac with my multi-touch touchpad, but it doesn't work on Ubuntu and a message is displayed saying that the application received a touch event without receiving any TouchBegin event.

    Did someone already tried multi-touch under Linux and did someone succeed ?

    Thank you.


  • I'm using it on a ideaPad running meego. Works flawless.

  • Hello everyone.

    I got the same problem. X-server frequently crashes on Ubuntu 11.04 64 bits. I'm just running the fingerpaint example.

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