Insert/Overwrite keyboard shortcut in QtCreator

  • When I edit in QtCreator I keep accidently hitting something that toggles the insert mode for the editor from 'insert' to 'overwrite'. By convention, this would usually be the 'Ins' {insert} key, but that does not seem to toogle between 'insert' and 'overwrite'. The QtCreator manual is strangely silent on this question (which seems very odd since editors have used both of these modes (usually using 'Ins' to toggle between them. So, what key is required to change between 'insert', and 'overwrite'. (I am using Qt 5.2.0 in Windows, but I think I've had this issue in Linux with the same version of Qt also).

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    On windows too and toggle is Ins as you suggest so
    not sure what is going on.

    I wonder if Tools->Option->Fakevim is turned on ?

  • My (Microsoft) keyboard has two 'insert' keys, one clustered with 'home', 'PgUp' etc, and one on the numeric keypad (i.e. numeric 0). It's the former that switches the insertion mode!

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