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Import Qt project for iOS

  • Hello, I tried to read around in order to understand if (and how) it is possible to export a Qt project written on Windows for iOS. I gave a look at the test programs here and they are all written in QML which I don't use. My projects are normal widgets applications.
    Moreover, it seems like QML is widely used but I still don't get when it is appropriate to use QML and when to use "classical" QT.
    Last thing: I have found plenty of books for Qt but I was not so lucky for QML usage in Qt. Any recommendation?

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    As far as I know, using Desktop widgets in ios is not an option.

    QML is meant for mobile development and for application where the user interface is not the good old desktop program but more like apps as seen on phone and tablets. It gives far more control over the look and and function (out of the box) than using Widgets.

    I did not find any books but started with

    and the found tons of videos on youtube.

    Also notice that there is a QML group here with tons of people using it and can provide better answer than me as I only fooled around with it some evenings :)

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