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Installer framework online installer can't log into repository over ftp

  • I'm trying to create an online installer for my application. Currently the configuration file I'm using looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Name>Application title</Name>
                 <Url>ftp://[repository url]/repository</Url>
                 <Username>[my username]</Username>
                 <Password>[my password]</Password>
                 <DisplayName>Example repository</DisplayName>

    When I execute the installer, it keeps throwing up the login dialog, telling me "you need to supply a username and password to access this site [repository url]". Inputting any of the usernames and passwords with which I have managed to log in to my ftp server doesn't help. Cancelling stops the install with the message "authentication failed".

    How should I go about solving this?

  • @Hertzy

    This is quite an old post. Nevertheless in case someone encounters the same or similar issues.

    In my case the syntax of ftp urls including user name and password helped.

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