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Qt Maintenance Tool fails to install Qtscript [FIXED]

  • I am using the latest Qt Maintenance tool. I've added Qt 5.5 to my system, but only after installation I noticed the bin folder doesn't have Qt5Script.dll and Qt5Scriptd.dll. I remembered I saw Qt Script as an optional checkbox in the maintenance tool, so I tried running that to add it.

    I'm getting this error:
    "Error during installation process (qt.55.qtscript.win32_msvc2010):
    Could not find the needed QmakeOutputInstallerKey(qt.55.win32_msvc_2010_qmakeoutput) value on the installer object. The ConsumeOutput operation on the valid qmake needs to be called first)."

    Now I'm not even sure that's the thing I need, since I want QtScript pre-built for my framework (msvc2010 32bit). I see in different forums that QtScript has not been deleted, just deprecated, but does it actually mean it's not shipped as a part of the installers?

  • Is there any way to get the right QtScript dll file? This is preventing me from updating my application to Qt 5.5.

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    If you select the Qt Script in the 5.5 branch in the maintenance tool you will see the detailed name in the right panel (or the tooltip if you just hover over it) : Qt 5.5.0 Prebuilt Components for gcc 64-bit.

    Since you're using VS2010 that's definitely not what you're looking for and I admit it's a strange package considering there's no pre-built 64bit gcc package of Qt offered.

    From what I remember from discussions on the mailing list the consensus was that deprecation of QtScript module means it will no longer be a part of the pre-built packages and that you need to build it from source yourself if you still want to use it.

  • I understand that the meaning of deprecated is that it's not encouraged to use this package, though it is still in the source. But I imagined it would still be provided in the pre-built offering. It's kind of a hassle to build Qt from source for this. But I'll see if I can do this.

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    You don't have to build all of Qt to build QtScript for your installed Qt. You can just use qmake + nmake, nmake install and you should be good to go.

  • Thanks SGaist, I built it on my end and seem to be working alright.