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Difference between qt-sdk and qt-everywhere?

  • How qt-sdk and qt-everywhere are different from each other?
    i have installed open source 'qt-sdk' then do I need to install 'qt-everywhere-opensource'..
    If yes then why? how they differ?

  • @Deval-Jariwala

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    Basically you can handle all through the online installer as to be downloaded from download page

    There you will find standard builds for several standard compiler and standard OS. If those are sufficient, there is no need for "qt-everywhere-opensource" versions. Those are required in case there is no pre-build for your compiler, OS or you need a special setup with other than the standard setup for the pre-builds.

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  • Hi..Thank you for your reply.
    I have installed 'qt-sdk' from the terminal by using the command 'apt-get install qt-sdk' in ubuntu 15.04.. then do I need 'qt-everywhere' ?

  • @Deval-Jariwala
    Where do you see qt-everywhere?

    You have installed a Qt version which is distributed with your Ubuntu. You can check which version you have there. Most likely not the latest Qt version, but in general good enough for a start. Many if not all linux distros have already a Qt package in their distribution.

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