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addToJavaScriptWindowObject with Qt 5.5

  • Hi everyone,

    Here is my first post : one topic, but four questions :)

    I would like to access C++ Objects methods from javascript code ; in Qt 5.4 using QtWebKit I could just run the addToJavaScriptWindowObject method and everything was fine.

    I looked for an equivalent in QtWebEngine and found nothing, but somehow I believed this could be fixed with the release of Qt 5.5. Was I wrong ? (1)

    Do I really have to deal with QWebSockets to perform such a meaningless operation ? (2)

    Is this something that is likely to change in future releases ? (3)

    I think I read that the addToJavaScriptWindowObject method could not be transposed into QtWebEngine because everything was asynchronous with Chromium ; but if that is true, how is it possible to implement signals like javaScriptConsoleMessage ? (4)

    Thanks for any reply :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    All the best,