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Debugging nested lists

  • Hello,

    I am attempting to debug a relatively basic C++ application, for which a data structure I have created is a QList<QList<double>>.

    While debugging with GDB (pretty printers turned on and whatnot) I can successfully view the contents of a QList<double> (whereby contents I mean the double values). However, when I attempt to look into my nested list of doubles I can not see the contents of the inner lists. I can see that the outer list has N values of type QList<double>, but then when I expand that item I see QListSpecialMethods<>, d, and p. 'd' is a QListData::Data* and 'p' is of type QListData.

    Can anyone provide instruction to add an expression evaluator, or potentially something into 'Additional Startup Commands' for GDB (Tools->Options->Debugger->GDB) such that I can view the contents of this nested list?