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Qt purchasing does not work in Qt Indie trial?

  • I have downloaded and installed Qt Indie 30-day trail, because I wanted to try the QML Purchasing module. I have added the module in the .pro file like this:

    QT += purchasing

    and imported the component in my main.qml file like this:

    import QtPurchasing 1.0

    After rebuilding I try to use the QML Store/Product components, but they do not get highlighted. Am I missing something here?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    The purchasing module is an enterprise feature so you should contact The Qt Company directly throughout the Support Center in your Qt account.

  • @SGaist I am using the Qt Indie evaluation and it says that Qt Purchase should work even in the evaluation copy. I just managed to get it to work even though Qt Creator does not highlight or auto-complete any component or property related to Qt Purchasing. Is there a reason why Qt Creator does not highlight or auto-complete this? Is there any way to add/force this behaviour?

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    Might be a bug in Qt Creator

  • @Phataas I'm using an Indie Licensed version and there is no high-light or auto complete component or property related to Qt Purchasing, so it isn't related to your trial version.

    At least you've been able to get the purchasing demo to work. I've had no such luck.

  • @PSI_lbc The only thing I did to get the purchasing demo to work was to upload the APK to Google Play, create in-app purchase identifiers which corresponds to the two identfiers found in the Hangman example and then test the APK as a alpha/beta tester.