[SOLVED] Access to QTextEdit lines

  • Good day all!
    I have QTextEdit widget. And I need random access to specified line for this widget.
    I found two ways to resolve this task:

    QTextEdit * textEdit;
    QTextDocument * doc = textEdit->document();
    QString line = doc->findBlockByLineNumber( 0 ).text();

    QTextEdit * textEdit;
    QString allText = textEdit->toPlainText();
    int fromIndex = 0;
    int toIndex = 0;
    while ( ( toIndex = allText.indexOf("n", fromIndex) ) != -1 )
    // Load next line from all text
    QString line = QString( allText.begin() + fromIndex, toIndex - fromIndex );

    Who know other different or more correct ways to resolve this task?

  • What's wrong with method 1?

  • Here all right.
    But I do not know what could be inside QTextBlock - one line or multiple lines?

  • Conceptually, there could be more than one line in a block. However, the documentation for QTextBlock::firstLineNumber states:
    [quote]Unless the layout supports it, the line number is identical to the block number.[/quote]
    So, I guess that in normal circumstances, every line is represented by one block.

    I agree that it is a bit unclear...

  • A QTextBlock basically represents a paragraph (eg. <p> in HTML). That is "one line" in the sense of missing line breaks (<br> in HTML, but you can add them!). It is not one line in the sense of visible lines in QTextEdit, as a paragraph consisting of - say - 1000 chars is wrapped and displayed in multiple lines on the screen.

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