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Macosx QWarning "Attempt to set a screen on a child window."

  • I recently ported a Qt4 application to Qt5.4.1 (also tested Qt5.5.0 beta). I've experienced a handful of odd behavior since then. One of the problems that occurs on Macosx 10.8.5 is that I "occasionally" receive some errors like the following:

    0x7fd0cc23be30 void QWindowPrivate::setTopLevelScreen(QScreen *, bool) ( QScreen(0x7fd0c925dbd0) ): Attempt to set a screen on a child window.

    I typically see this error after dragging the main window around a bit. Other than the warning, I have not noticed any negative effects.

    Is this a bug, or do I have something setup incorrectly on my end? Any idea where this might be coming from? I really am not sure where to start looking for something like this.

    I'd be glad to answer any more information if it will help to diagnose the problem. Thanks for your help!

  • Compiled and rebuilt with Qt5.5.0 (beta). Unfortunately, the problem persists.