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QWebEngineView set proxy

  • Hello. Is there some way to setup proxy for QWebEngineView? Like it was in QWebView:


    If there is still totaly no way, is this possibility announced in future?

    P.S. In this thread solution wasn't found...

  • Well the proper way with embedded Google Chrome Web Engine a.k.a Blink is by command line parameter only... so we should forget about using multiple proxies ...well unless Qt provides a way to start multiple instances each with its own set of command line parameters

    Now about the command line parameters - They promise us they'll be adding something called settings in Qt 5.5 but do not specify if they're talking about settings you provide through command line (like proxy etc.) or internal settings (like LoadImages, EnableJavaScript etc.) or both. I've asked a couple of times here - no answer so far. I guess we'll have to wait and see what goes into the final version of Qt 5.5

  • @ThatDud3 well, Qt 5.5 have been released, but I don't see nothing about proxy in QWebEngineSettings XD It is real problem...