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Resolving app navigation/flow

  • Hey,

    I'm facing problem of inventing architecture of my application flow which is consisted of pure QtQuick code. To be exact I'm developing control panel for "intelligent house" which should work for Desktop & Mobile. My app is going to be constructed from Dashboard, then from tabs:

    • Rooms - (as in image) view from which I can see all devices belonging to the selected room
    • Devices - similar to rooms but show devices of desired type.
    • Camera - entering video
    • Settings - entering form with some data

    like in the attached image

    What is the best approach to implement great flow/navigation of such app ? I want to go forward like the arrows say and go back with e.g. Back Button on Android.

    I believe it's simple but very common case for apps. I'd really appreciate your opinions! :)

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    Hi @lajtu and Welcome,
    For this incremental type of approach I would use a StackView here. Then for the independent pages like for eg. Dashboard a Grid or GridView or GridLayout can be used whichever depends upon your requirements there. Likewise for others too. Then these individual Components/Items can be pushed on to the Stack when pressed forward and then popped when back is pressed. You may also choose to not delete these created items so as to avoid the recreation of them. You can also add animations for the transitions between these operations.
    Have a look at its document. There are lots of properties you may find interesting.

  • This looks very promising, thanks ! :)