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[SOLVED] QLayout does not work -> experimental Graph like widget

  • Currently I try to add buttons (here nodes) to an widget. My code looks like this:

    GraphWidget::GraphWidget(QWidget *parent)
    				: QWidget(parent)
    		/* Load style */
    		QFile stylefile(":/styles/src/nitro/node_graph/style.qss");;
    		QString stylestring = QLatin1String(stylefile.readAll());
    		/* Set context menu */
    		connect(this, SIGNAL(customContextMenuRequested(QPoint)), SLOT(customMenuRequested(QPoint)));
    		/* Set layout */
    		layout = new QLayout(this);

    and for adding the "node":

    void GraphWidget::addEmptyEntry(QString *NITRO_OBJECT_NAME)
    		Node *n = new Node();

    But what I get is an error I do not really understand (because Qt documentation means I need to insert my widget there):

    ../src/nitro/node_graph/graph_widget.cpp:46:28: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'QLayout'
       layout = new QLayout(this);

    How can I fix this (and I don't want to use an NodeGraph library, I want to build it as my own)?


  • Moderators

    As the error says QLayout is an abstract base class. You can't instantiate it.
    Use one of the derived sub-classes like QHBoxLayout, QGridLayout etc.

  • @Chris-Kawa

    Thanks for this. I understand now what the problem is, but is there an other widget where I can get something like this (adding Buttons to an widget, position is random so no HBox or centralWidget)?

  • Moderators

    If you want to position children within a widget manually then don't use layouts at all. Also move() does nothing when widget is managed by a layout.
    So just add a child and set its geometry manually:

       /* DON'T set layout */
       //layout = new QLayout(this);
    void GraphWidget::addEmptyEntry(const QString& WHATS_WITH_THE_CAPS) { //don't pass QString as pointer
       Node* n = new Node(this); //important to pass "this" as parent
       n->move(click_pos); // is click_pos some sort of global? better make that function argument
       n->show(); // widgets not managed by layout are not shown by default so this is required

  • @Chris-Kawa click_pos is global because an other void will set the point of it (when User makes right click the position will saved). But does show()really works here? I tried it sometimes but it shows the button in a new window.

  • Moderators

    show() will make a widget a new top level window when it has no parent or has a dialog flag set. That's why I marked setting parent ("this") as important.
    As for the click_pos- still. It would make the function reusable and more maintainable if you passed the position as an argument, and not rely on a piece of outside state. For example if later you would like to add entries "from code" and not by user interaction you could pass a position to the function. Right now you would have to "simulate click" by writing to click_pos before you call addEmptyEntry, which can have other side effects if you use it somewhere else. Bad practice.

  • @Chris-Kawa
    Sorry that was my problem didn't have seen the comment^^ Thank you :)

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