<SOLVED>MIssing suggested Wizard option

  • Hello I am trying to execute a simple "Hello World" app using Qt documentation and wizard as my guide. It wants me to create from the wizard:

    otherproject-->empty Qt project

    But my choices don't include -->empty Qt Project

    Is the install bad? Am I overlooking something simple?

  • @Technologist

    well this can be found in my version of creator version of creator which is V3.1.2

  • Yeah I don't get it. I've got 5.4.

    It would be nice to upload a screen shot here.

  • @Technologist
    If it is not in your version of creator you should check JIRA and file a bug report, when it is not reported yet. The forum is monitored for bug reports.

    BTW the version numbering Qt creator is different from Qt libs. Current version of Qt libs is 5.4 The current version for Qt creator is 3.4.0 which is delivered with Qt 5.4

  • @Technologist
    To add, when you have file a bug report, please file the link for the bug report over here. i will add the picture in a comment there.

  • Hi,

    I'm on Mac OS X (Qt 5.4.1 - Qt Creator 3.4.0) and I have "Empty Qt Project"


    Have you some Qt Creator plugin disabled??

  • It appears you have "Empty QMake Project", not "Empty Qt Project", unless they mean the same thing.

    This is a fresh install.

  • I think is the same thing; a folder with only a .pro file

  • IT does give me a folder with only a blank .pro file

    Why does it appear in QtCreator as one thing to my installation (Empty QMake Project) and another to yours (Empty Qt Project)?
    Weird. Is there any way to upload photos in this forum? I went ahead and submitted a bug report as it also doesn't create a shortcut after installing.

    Plz tell me if this is much ado abt nothing--is this concern enough to reinstall?


  • Which version of Qt creator have you? They probably changed the name of the wizard.

    To upload images I use imgur

  • @Technologist
    That is exactly the feature
    link text
    read the text in the right pane. Now I have selected "Empty Qt project" and the text in the right pane is the associated text.
    For a test I have also created an empty project and it does also in my version create a folder and an empty .pro file.

  • This post is deleted!

  • image_1

    Ok, my use of imgur is not quite right. However you can see the differences discussed in the images.
    The differences however are the same.
    Which also include the right hand text as you have stated.

    Interesting that on (2) occasions the installer wouldn't generate the short-cut.

    Anyway problem solved, thx.

    If you want to shoot me a message abt fixing the images let me know.

  • @Technologist
    Basically you were almost right with the images. Only an exclamation mark was missing ;)
    Here is the description

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