Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: gui core

  • Hi,

    I just installed Qt Creator on a Windows 7, but I can't compile anything. It is the 'community' version. Here is the version details:
    Qt Creator 3.4.0 (opensource)
    Based on Qt 5.4.1 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit)
    Built on Apr 22 2015 04:15:14
    From revision 6302a28c97

    I try to compile the examples given with the IDE, but I always got the followin error:
    Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: gui core

    I also noticed that the Qt headers are not found by Qt Creator.

    But Qt Creator seems to be correctly configured (using msvc 2013 as default compiler).
    . In "options -> build & run -> kits", the "Desktop Qt 5.4.1 MSVC 64bits" is set as "default".
    . In "options -> build & run -> compilers", all the different versions of MSVC installed on this computer are corretly listed. (I got 3 different versions)

    Any idea?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet

    Windows users are often using spaces in the path for Qt installation. Some tools not like spaces in the path. If you have "C:/Qt/..." and spaces afterwards, you better reinstall.

  • Hi koahnig,

    you were right. I installed Qt in the "Program File" folder, and that was the source of my troubles.
    I reinstalled it in a "blank space free" location, and now everything works perfectly.

    Thank you.

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