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Using QSharedMemory in C++ project

  • i want to using shared memory in Qt project and c++project.
    but in C++ project,


    i insert code like above, but in qsharedmemory.h,
    "#include<QtCore/qobject.h>" doesn't found. (no serch file or directory)

    what's the solution? plz help me...:(

  • Hi and welcome to devnet,

    what do you mean with "C++ Project"??
    To use Qt objects you need a "Qt Project".

  • @mcosta
    Thanks for your reply! :)

    um...i mean...."C++ project" is Non-QtProject. i use this as Background program..
    in Non-Qt project, i can't use qt class...? never..?

    is it non-sence?:(

  • Hi,

    to use Qt classes you need a Qt Project (set INCLUDE_PATH and link libraries); BTW you can implement the background program using Qt (without GUI)

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