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Qt Creator ignores QML-Prototype in custom Module

  • Hi all,

    I've written a custom QML-Module and therein is a type called MyTextBlock.qml

    import QtQuick 2.3
        verticalAlignment: Text.AlignVCenter
        font.pixelSize: 34
        font.weight: Font.Bold;

    This type is inside a qrc file and is registered via a QQmlExtensionPlugin in the 'registerTypes' method in the following way

    qmlRegisterType(QUrl("qrc:/MyTextBlock.qml"), uri, 1, 0, "MyTextBlock");

    The qmldirof the extension plugin is

    module UiComponents
    plugin UiComponents
    typeinfo plugins.qmltypes

    and the generated plugins.types is

    import QtQuick.tooling 1.1
    // This file describes the plugin-supplied types contained in the library.
    // It is used for QML tooling purposes only.
    // This file was auto-generated by:
    // 'qmlplugindump.exe UiComponents 1.0 D:\plugin\release\'
    Module {
        Component {
            prototype: "QQuickText"
            name: "UiComponents/MyTextBlock"
            exports: ["MyTextBlock 1.0"]
            exportMetaObjectRevisions: [0]
            isComposite: true
            defaultProperty: "data"

    Now I create a new QML-App and import the module and set the QML_IMPORT_PATH property inside the .pro file
    The main.qml file looks like

    import QtQuick 2.3
    import QtQuick.Window 2.2
    import UiComponents 1.0
    Window {
        visible: true
        width: 360
        height: 360

    The type MyTextBlock is recognized by QT-Creator and when I hover over the import statement QT-Creator gives me a "Read typeinfo file successfully" but it complains about the color property with the message Invalid property name "color"

    The applications itself runs fine but the error messages in QT-Creator are annoying. Is here something missing that must be done to support Qt-Creator?

    As a side note. I've also a pure c++ based QObject inside the module that's also registered and when I uses this object inside an application it's properties are not marked as invalid. Somehow I think QT-Creator ignorest the "inherited" parameters of the prototype of the type. (QQuickText in case of MyTextBlock)


  • Qt Champion 2021

    Indeed, QtCreator seems to ignore the "prototype" member in .qmltypes because the file is generated correctly.