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join to open source qt-based project

  • hi

    want to join to open source project to improve the skills in Qt development (preferable areas: network/multithreading + Gui)
    I have enough experience in c++ development and in team and remote work, but newbie in Qt

    could you recommend me how I can do this? on this portal or somewhere else would be prefer?


  • Moderators

    KDE is always looking for people willing to help. Right now there is a call to developers to help in updating KSysGuard: link.

    I'm quite certain other Qt projects need help, too: check out Qwt, for example.

    If you want to help build Qt Creator, Qt or QBS themselves, here is more info on how to start.

  • hi
    thank you for the info,
    but how did you find this? I'd like to search these by myself.
    KDE looks very massive and complex for me on current stage, QWT is a library but Im looking for a product for end users

    I'm trying to find something like a some network service (not web, e.g. FTP or media server, client/server for a messaging, etc)

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    KDE is massive indeed, but it is also a set of very many, very separate sub-projects that are quite independent from one another. So you can find something interesting in there for you.

    but how did you find this? Just general assembled knowledge, over the years. I am following a number of mailing lists and blog aggregators (KDE planet, Qt planet, and others).

    You can search through inqlude, qt-apps, SourceForge, GitHub,

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