Android development setup (Ubuntu 15.04)

  • Hi

    I'm trying to start the development for android os, but faced with an issues:
    (Ubuntu 15.04, physical android 4.2.1 device for the deployment and debugging

    1. device is connected to host successfully, adb devices commend shows this as connected
    2. sdk and ndk are installed too
    3. ANdroid SDK Manager shows me that installed are:
    • SDK Tools
    • SDK Platform-tools
    • SDK Build-tools
    • API 16 (Android 4.1.2)

    but qt creator shows the warning: Qt versions for 3 architectures are missing. however Qt Version tab looks ok - no one entry is red

    second issue is a :
    AVD Manager in Qt Creator shows me empty list of the devices. should I perform additional steps to add my already connected phone into this list?
    "Start AVD Manager" which starts external (from SDK) device manager does show empty list too

    any ideas?

    THank you!

  • it was my mistake - I was looking for physical device in AVD manager where are virtual ones only

    currently all work

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