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[SOLVED] Can't use MINGW that comes with Qt installation

  • At first I haven't chosen to install MINGW with Qt. Later I've tried to add it through Qt Maintance tool. It didn't work, so I've just completely reinstalled Qt but that did not help either.

    I can see that it's automatically detected in compilers tab. However, as far as I understand I need a kit to configure my project for a certain compiler. I have kits only for MSVC 2010 and 2012 which were automatically found. I've tried to manually create a kit for MINGW, but for that I needed to set a some sort of profile. Out of available profiles again I could choose only MSVC which obviously doesn't work with MINGW.

    What should be done? Do I have to additionally install anything? All I have is Visual studio 2010, 2012, Qt with latest mingw that was in installer.

  • hi,
    I am using Qt Creator with MinGW.
    For the installation I downloaded the version with MinGW.
    The kit is named 'Desktop Qt 5.3 MinGW 32bit'. I guess, this was set automatically after installation. To set it manually please try the following steps.

    I have a German installation so I try to translate the steps:
    Menue 'Extras' / 'Qt Erstellung und Ausführung' (Qt build and execute) / tab 'Kits'. When you click the Button 'Hinzufügen' (Add) you can select MinGW or Microsoft Visual C++. You can also select a debugger and the Qt version.

    It is essential that you installed the MinGW version of Qt Creator.

    Goog luck

  • I've fixed it. Turned out I had to choose one more option in Qt Maintance tool: under Qt 5.4 checkbox there is this option: Qt 5.4..1 Prebuilt Components for MinGW. Before that I've only installed MinGW toolchain under Tools checkbox.

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