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How to add kit for Windows 7 and PyQt application in Qt Creator

  • Hello All,

    I got confused on adding kits in qt creator 3.3.2, I want to do a PyQt desktop application for windows 7 in PyQt but I am stuck with kit adding option!!. As per the Qt explanation which I understood and if I am not wrong description in this URL is showing the kit adding for following operating systems only ( Android Device, Bare Metal Device, BlackBerry 10 Device, Generic Linux Device, iOS Device, iOS Simulator, QNX Device ), couldn't see any Windows or Linux!!

    URL which I mentioned is this, will be known to all



    I have done some sample QT projects with previous version of QT creator, there was no Kit adding options!!. Now I uninstalled that QT creator version
    and added newest version, then I tried to add my old created project also prompting to add kits as mandatory

    I quickly read and desperately wanted to configure, but couldn't understand the parameters which I have to put for my QT kit adding.

    Since I have to run this application in two OS like Windows 7 and Linux Red hat, this cross platform feature in Kit made me more confused
    on kit configurations

    Please note my system details, someone kindly help me to configure my QT project quickly.

    1. OS :- Windows 7 64 bit & Linux Red hat

    2. Python :- Python 2.7 64 bit

    3. PyQt : PyQt-4.11.3-gpl-Py2.7(x64)

    4. Qt-opensource 4.8.4

    5. QtCreator 3.3.2

    6. Visual Studio Professional 2012

    7. MinGW - mingw-w64\i686-4.9.2-posix-dwarf-rt_v4-rev2