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How to add a new Qt version to qtcreator?

  • I want to add a new version of qt to qtcreator. So I go to Projects->Manage Kits->Qt Versions->Add. This brings up a dialog asking me for the location of qmake. However there is no way of navigating to the location of the installation at /usr/local/Qt-5.4.1. Under 'Macintosh HD' for example it only lists Users, User Information, System, Library, Applications. No Usr.

    So how do I navigate to /usr/local/Qt-5.4.1/bin/qmake???

  • In basic, you DON'T add a new Qt version to Creator.

    In new releases they always add a new QtCreator version to a new Qt release, thus when you upgrade your Qt version, you update your Creator version. This has to do with the used debuggers/compilers etc.
    I'm no mac guy, but is usr/local not the same as the folder Users? (the same stuff applies in Win)
    Happy coding!!

  • You DO need to add a version if you build Qt from source - as I do - rather than download a prebuilt version which comes with extra stuff I don't need.

    And no, /Users on the Mac has the user home directories in it...

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    You can add a Qt version no problem.
    Here is a quick how-to.
    After adding Qt version you need to create a kit that will use it. Here is the how-to for that.

    Edit: I don't have a mac so can't help with the path, sorry. Can't you type it in the dialog manually? At least on Windows you can.

  • Weird,

    I closed down qtcreator, deleted the old qt version, hit 'add' and it came up with pathe to /usr and /usr/local... hey presto and navigated to the Qt-5.4.1/bin/qmake and everything is working!


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