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Dr.Memory and Qt Creator

  • Hi all,
    Recently i've downloaded Dr.Memory and I want to integrate it in QtCreator as external tool, there are two problem: first i can't find a QtCreator variable to use in path that point to the output exe of the current project something like %{TargetBin}, secondly if i set an absolute path(for testing) to my exe, it can't be started because the Qt libs can't be find(even if they are in PATH environment variable). So I opted for add a run configuration that use Dr.Memory. This solve the problem of Qt libraries, but not the %{TargetBin} problem... Since valgrind don't work under windows environment, in order to test program i have to use such "external tools" that don't integrate on QtCreator. So there is a variable
    that point to the current output bin???

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