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Automatic install of Qt on a server for continuous integration testing

  • Hello,

    there do not seem to be any precompiled .tar.gz archives with qt. So is there a way to install Qt without user interaction? (And preferably without compiling myself all the time). Can I pass some commandline arguments to the installer to perform the installation without asking the user anything?

    I want to test our application with travis. The .deb packages that are available quickly get outdated and require a lot of maintenance.

    So anyone an idea how to pull this off?


  • Hi,

    I don't know if the Linux installer accepts command line arguments but you could also buid Qt from sources

  • @mcosta
    Yes that would work of course. But if I use a stateless system like travis I do not want to compile Qt each build there (especially not if I also want to test for android and windows additionally for example). But maybe I could setup a VM which is similar to travis and then compile all the different versions there once and upload them somewhere and download them for each travis build... But if the qt installers can run without user interaction somehow I would prefer that :)

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