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How to config automatic compile stack without User Configurations

  • Hi!

    I have a little problem here that i not find any option in Qt to solve yet.
    I have many static internal libs(with source code) in C++ that have dependencies between them to make possible make a full compilation.
    So, when i need compile the system , i need compile all the source code in a specific order to make possible not get compilation errors comming from a dependency not compiled yet.
    Looking at the QtCreator documentation this is possible to configure setting up some User settings to tell the system be compiled in a specif order.
    But if i distribute this code, for example in GitHub, when a new developer get this code , the developer need setup your own compilation parameter to perform the correct compilation, and i dont want this.
    There is a way i configure a compilation order for the project that make possible ALL developers that get the code can compile the system in the correct order without configura local settings to do that?

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    Kind Regards,

  • The build process is fully controlled using .pro file (indipendent by QtCreator that is only an IDE)

    YOu can use SUBDIRS to decompose your project into sub-projects and you can aslo define the building order

    Read here for details

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