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[SOLVED]how to open .qrc file in the VisualStudio with Qt5.4.1 and qt-vs-addin 1.2.3 ?

  • how to open .qrc file in the VisualStudio with Qt5.4.1 and qt-vs-addin 1.2.3 ?
    i find i can't open the .qrc file directly as before(previouse version).
    which exe is actually open the .qrc file?

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    If simple doubleclicking doesn't work you can do the following:

    • right click on the .qrc file and select "Open With..."
    • if you see Qt resource editor on the list just select it, press "Set as Default" and Ok
    • if the editor is not on the list click "Add...", for program navigate to <Qt Add-in installation path>\q5rceditor.exe, leave the Arguments field empty, set some friendly name of your choosing and click Ok, then set that as the default and from now on you can just doubleclick on the .qrc file.

  • thanks.
    and i tried both the methods.
    they don't work for me.
    and i use Qt5.4.1, qt-vs-addin 1.2.3, VisualStudio2012...
    i can open it with XML, but not easy to edit it everytime as the default method

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    You need to be more specific than that. What does "they don't work" mean?

    Can you open the q5rceditor.exe outside of Visual Studio?

  • click in VS, no reaction at all.
    click q5rceditor.exe directly, lost icuin52.dll
    why get this errro? as i just install the qt-vs-addin......why it lose this dll...

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    Ah, ok, seems some dlls were missing in 1.2.3 as reported here: QTVSADDINBUG-372

    I'd suggest to update to the latest add-in version (1.2.4). The issue is fixed there.
    If that is not an option you will need to place the missing dlls (icudt52.dll, icuin52.dll and icuuc52.dll) in the rc editor directory.
    You can get them from Qt bin directory. the problem is that you've got Qt 5.4.1 installed and it uses newer versions (53), so you would have to get some older Qt version to get these dlls (I think Qt 5.3. used version 52 of ICU).

  • which Qt SDK installer should i use?
    Qt5.3.1 x64 no-opengl ?
    if it is easy to find ,would you please give me a link to the installer,thanks vcery much!

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    While the Qt libs might be x64 themselves the add-in is 32 bit, so you'll need a 32 bit version of the dlls.
    So this one: x86-msvc2012_opengl-5.3.2
    Of course, after you copy the dlls you don't need the package anymore and can uninstall it.

  • thank you, solved

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